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CLACS organizes and co-sponsors a number of virtual events that cover a diverse range of topics and regions in Latin American and the Caribbean.

The purpose of the center is to foster academic interest in the region as well as to provide spaces to generate community among students, faculty, and the community.


Smaller thumbnails.pngCrisis Conversations

CLACS facilitates open discussions on pressing current events that are impacting Latin American and Caribbean societies.

free Delivery.pngInclusive Spanish Series


This series explores the development and use of inclusive language in Latin America, focusing on local debates, steps being taken, challenges, and ideas emerging from different Spanish-speaking countries.

Smaller thumbnails (1).pngThe Twisty Path of Democracy in Brazil


Invited speakers Sofia Vizcarra (Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos) and Henrique Carlos de O. de Castro (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul) talk about fake news as a political phenomenon and why democracy does not work in Brazil.

Smaller thumbnails (2).pngRacism in Mexico: Challenging mestizaje and the cosmic race


Invited Speaker Jumko Ogata, (UNAM) explains Mexico's racist dynamics and racialized peoples' resistance against this system of oppression.

Smaller thumbnails (3).pngW.E.B Du Bois on Latin America and the Caribbean


Invited speakers explore W.E.B. Du Bois's relation to Latin America and the Caribbean, focusing on his research and writings about the Americas.

Smaller thumbnails (4).pngColombia: Posconflicto y violencia en tiempos de pandemia


What is happening in Colombia? Postconflict and violence during COVID-19 times.


Smaller thumbnails (5).pngCovid-19 in South America


What is at stake for the economies, institutions, and social fabrics of the region?