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Summer Institute for Global Studies: Teaching through Stories

2018 Summer Institute.jpgInternational Studies & Programs and the College of Education collaborated to host the Summer Institute for Global Studies for K-12th grade teachers. This seminar is a week-long workshop in which more than 20 local teachers and administrators explore globalizing the curriculum in their classrooms and schools. The theme of this year's workshop was "Teaching through Stories."

During the five-day workshop, six MSU faculty area experts used the power of stories to provide deeper insight into the history, economy, culture, and topical issues of a place. College of Education experts provided teachers with pedagogical support for internationalizing current curriculum or creating new materials.

The workshop was sponsored with funding from the IFLE U.S. Department of Education through the African and Asian Studies Centers and collaboration with the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Department of Teacher Education and the Global Educators Cohort Program.