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The Urgency of a Black Feminist Solidarity Project in the Americas - Dr. Keisha-Khan Perry

March 14, 2019

3:00 - 4:30 pm

Case Hall, Room 332

(James Madison College library)

Keisha-Khan Event Flyer (PDF)


Experts from Dr. Keisha-Khan Perry Event

Keisha-Khan+Perry+Headshot.jpgDr. Keisha-Khan Y. Perry.Associate Professor of Africana Studies at Brown University, specializes in the critical study of race, gender, and politics in the Americas. Her recent book, Black Women Against the Land Grab: The Fight for Racial Justice in Brazil, is an ethnographic study of black women's activism in Brazilian cities. Dr. Perry is currently working on a multi-lingual and transnational exploration of black women's political work in Latin America by critically examining how black women mobilize political movements across borders and how they understand themselves as agents in creating a diasporic community.

Two MSU faculty members will offer commentary based on their own scholarship:

Leonora Paula from RCAH,  who will speak from her own research in Brazil, and

Tamara Butler from the Department of English, who will respond based on her scholarship on related issues in the U.S.