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2019 Graduate Student Conference

The Graduate Student Conference is one of our center's annual events. It aims to generate interdisciplinary conversations on themes of shared interest and to encourage dialogue between scholars from Latin America and the Caribbean and US scholars who plan research in the region.

The presentations will be grouped by theme, with the purpose of combining papers from different disciplines in each session. Each presenter will have 15 minutes. Following each presentation, a faculty discussant will offer brief (5-minute) comments on points of intersection between the presentations in the panel, in order to encourage interdisciplinary conversations. There will be time for open discussion following these comments.

2019 Graduate Research Conference Program 

        Friday, February 22 | 10:30 am - 4:00 pm           

International Center, Room 303


Program overview (PDF)

10:30     Conference opening: Laurie Medina, Ph.D.

Panel 1: Regimes of Violence and their Representation (10:35 - 11:35)

Panel Moderator: Vanessa Garcia Polanco

  • Clayton Oppenhuizen, History, “Reconstitution of the Chilean Left: Media Solidarity in Pinochet’s Chile (1973-1990)”
  • Patrick O’Grady, History, “Catholic Class Consciousness in Pinochet’s Chile”
  • Juan Carlos Rico Noguera, Anthropology, “The Ontological Bases of State Formation: A Visit to the Colombian Fabric of Violence Narratives”

Comments: Ed Murphy, Ph.D.

Discussion (10 minutes) 

Panel 2: Food Systems (11:35 - 12:20)

Panel Moderator: Maria Isidora Bilbao

  • Vanessa Garcia Polanco, Community Sustainability, "Perspectives on Decolonizing Diet in the Spanish Caribbean"
  • Carolina Vargas Espinosa, Agricultural Food, and Resource Economics, “Analysis of the Relationship between Territory, Urbanization and Milk Value Chains in Colombia”

Comments: Lissy Goralnik, Ph.D.

Discussion (10 minutes)

12:20     Lunch: Kingston Kitchen

Panel 3: Natural Resource Degradation and Livelihoods (12:50 - 1:35)

Panel Moderator: Maria Alejandra Garcia

  • Joel Betts, Fisheries and Wildlife, “Effects of Illegal Colonization of the Rama-Kriol Territory on River Ecosystems, SE Nicaragua”
  • Laura Castro-Diaz, Community Sustainability, “Hydroelectric Dam Construction and Poverty Traps”

Comments: Maria Claudia Lopez, Ph.D.

Discussion (10 minutes)

Panel 4: Gender and Power (1:35 - 2:20)

Panel Moderator: Silvana Peralta

  • Maria Alejandra Garcia, Community Sustainability, “Unpacking Gendered Intra-Household Decision-Making on Smallholder Farms in Colombia and Nicaragua”
  • Maria Isidora Bilbao, Eco-community Psychology, “Female Adolescents from Patagonia: A Study on Well-being and Social Justice”

Comments:  Wenda Bauchspies, Ph.D.

Discussion (10 minutes)

2:20        Coffee Break with Cookies

Panel 5: Migration, Dislocation, Emplacement (2:35 - 3:20)

Panel Moderator: Maria Alejandra Garcia

  • Marcela Omans, Anthropology, “Negotiating Chineseness in Tijuana, MX”
  • Andrew Bentley, Romance and Classical Studies, “Necropolitical Dislocation: Central American Asylum Seekers as the Living Dead.”

Comments: Miguel Cabañas, Ph.D.

Discussion (10 minutes) 

Panel 6: Health Challenges (3:20 - 4:00)

Panel Moderator: Emily Holley

  • Nerli Paredes, Anthropology, “Maternal Experiences After the 2017 Earthquake in Oaxaca, Mexico”
  • Ryan M. Hodgeman, Institute for Global Health, “Epidemiological Profile of a Rural Primary Clinic in Northern Haiti”

Comments: Laurie Medina, Ph.D.

Discussion (5 minutes)