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2020 CLACS Graduate Student Research Conference


 February 21, 2020

 11:00 am - 3:30 pm
International Center, Room 303 

Graduate Student Conference Flyer (PDF).


Welcome to the 2020 CLACS Graduate Student Conference!

This Conference is one of our center's annual events. It aims to generate interdisciplinary conversations on themes of shared interest and to encourage dialogue between scholars from Latin America and the Caribbean and US scholars who plan research in the region.


Conference Program


Session 1: The Uses of Field Research


11:00 Sarah Groendyk, "Studying Avian Song in Tropical Cities" (Integrative Biology, CNS)

11:15 Discussion


Session 2: Setting/Unsettling Norms

11:30 Vanessa Aguilar, "Excavating: Curanderismo in the Archive" (Chicano/Latino Studies and English, SSC/CAL)

11:45 Giovanni Salazar Calvo, "Nobody, Regardless of Social Class and Status, Shall use Peyote: Prevalence of the Cultures of Peyote in New Spain during 17th century" (Romance and Classical Studies, CAL)

12:00 Marcela Omans McKeeby, "Chineseness in Tijuana, Mexico" (Anthropology, SSC)

12:15 Laura Romero, "Narrative Transvestism: The Masculine in Gabriela Mistral's Niña Errante (2009)" (Romance and Classical Studies, CAL)

12:30 Faculty Discussant: Dr. Alejandra Marquez Guajardo (Romance and Classical Studies, CAL)

12:45 Discussion

1:00 Lunch: Peruvian food from Tantay, Room 302, International Center 



Session 3: Economic Development: Policies and Impacts

2:00 Silvana Mabel Peralta Bogarin, "A critical Analysis of the Agricultural Extension System in Itapua, Paraguay" (Community Sustainability, CANR)

2:15 Maria Alejandra Garcia, "Political Conditions and Resettlement Policies in Large Hydroelectric Dams in the Global South" (Community Sustainability, CAN)

2:30 Tiago Sousa Prado, "Design of Public Policies to Stimulate Private Investment for the Expansion of Broadband Internet in Brazil" (Media and Information Studies, CCAS)

2:45 Laura Castro, "Locals' Coping and Adaptation Strategies to Dam Construction" (Community Sustainability, CANR)

3:00 Faculty Discussant: Dr. Laurie Medina (Anthropology, SSC and CLACS, ISP)

3:15 Discussion 

Special thanks to the Conference Planning Committee:
• Vanessa Aguilar
• Giovanni Salazar Calvo
• Cristhian Gonzalez Ortiz

And to our co-sponsors:
• MSU College of Social Science
• MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
• MSU College of Arts and Letters