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Fall 2023 Graduate Student Conference

  November 10, 2023

  12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

  International Center, Room 303

Welcome to the Fall 2023 CLACS Graduate Student Conference!

This conference is one of the center's annual events. It aims to generate interdisciplinary conversations on themes of shared interest and to encourage dialogue between scholars from Latin America and the Caribbean and U.S. scholars who plan research in the region.

Conference Program

Panel 1: Planning Sustainable Development, with Exceptions

12:00  Rafael Cavalcanti Lembi (Community Sustainability, CANR)
Towards energy justice and energy sovereignty: participatory co-design of off-grid systems in the Brazilian Amazon

12:15  Iasmim Amiden dos Santos (Media and Information Studies, CCAS)
Climate change and communication scholarship: A view from Brazil

12:30  Jonathan Vivas (Community Sustainability, CANR)
Regenerative Grazing for Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Conservation in Costa Rica

12:45  Danna Gutierrez Lanza (School of Planning, Design and Construction, CANR)
Endorsed transgressions: Exceptions and the practices of informality in Managua, Nicaragua

1:00 Discussion

1:15-1:45 Lunch: Cuban food from La Cocina Cubana

Panel 2: Gendered Bodies and Terror

1:45  Ana Patricia Ponce Castañeda (Romance and Classical Studies, CAL)
La Buja en el Espejo: Evolution of Female Representation Throughout the History of Mexican Horror Cinema

2:00  Estela Maria Goncalves de Souza (History, CSS)
Discussing Black Masculinities in the Brazilian Post-Abolition: A Historiographic Debate

2:15  Jennifer Mojica Santana (English, CAL)
Entre dolor y lágrimas: Embodying Pain and Resistance in Puerto Rican Performance Art

2:30 Discussion

Panel 3: Memorializing—and Obscuring—Violence

2:45  Diana Mogrovejo (Anthropology, CSS)
Digitalization of Difficult Heritage for an Interpretation of the Internal Conflict in Ayacucho, Peru

3:00  Juan Carlos Rico Noguera (Anthropology, CSS)
The Colombian National Police Window of Memory: between a cultural revolution and a reactionary framing of justice, redress, and professional identity

3:15  Marialina Cogo Antolini (Media and Information Studies, CCAS)
Making sense of a senseless world: how girls from low-income neighborhoods with high violence rates use media and understand their own rights

3:30  Jessica Martínez Cruz (Philosophy, CAL)
On extractive practices and violence against women and girls: The World Health Organization ecological model

3:45 Discussion

Panel 4: Navigating “Gaps”: Materiality and “Immateriality” in Archival and Archaeological Research

4:00  Kiana Gonzalez Cedeño (English, CAL)
Afro-Puerto Rican Lamentations: Archiving Memory Through Bomba and the Body

4:15  Mayra Flores Mejía (Romance and Classical Studies, CAL)
A case of witchcraft and sorcery trials in 18th-century Cusco (Perú): Working on colonial archives in the Andes

4:30  Aubree Marshall (Anthropology, CSS)
Update from the Field: The 2023 Field Season at Marco Gonzalez, Belize

4:45 Discussion