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CLACS Celebrates Romelia Widders


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CLACS has prepared this video to celebrate the lifework of Romelia Widders as she retires from Michigan State University. As Assistant Director of the Office of Admissions, Romelia not only recruited and inspired thousands of Latin American students to pursue higher education at MSU, she also supported them throughout their education to overcome the many difficulties international students face. These difficulties include challenges related to language, financial aid, cultural differences, and having to navigate US rules and regulations, to name a few.

Romelia also dedicated her energies to create spaces for Latin American students to build community in East Lansing. She is one of the founders of Comunidad Latinoamericana, a campus organization that has brought Latin Americans together at MSU since 1991. Romelia also organized Latin American themed barbeques at her house, hosting hundreds of attendees at a time. These barbeques have since become an annual tradition; they are the largest Latin American event at MSU and are one of the best ways for students, faculty and staff to meet fellow Latin Americans from across campus.

As part of the celebration of Romelia's lifework, CLACS is putting together a book featuring messages and pictures from people who would like to congratulate her. To send your message click on this link (please submit your messages by December 20th, 2018).