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2017 Graduate Student Conference

March 17, 2017

1:00 - 5:30 pm

3rd Floor International Center

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Session One (1:15- 3:00)

Violence and Representations Room 305

Chair: Eliana Castro

Juan Mundel and Yadira Nieves-Pizarro, War Advertising: Themes in Argentine Print Advertising During the Malvinas/Falklands War                           

Osvaldo Sandoval, La presencia de la ausencia en “Canción de cuna para un anarquista” (2003) de Jorge Díaz y “El olvido está lleno de memoria” (2002) de Jerónimo López Mozo.       

Mary Ann Lugo, Against Shock and Horror: Empathy for Perpetrators in Germán Castro Caycedo’s Literary Reporting of the Colombian Civil Conflict

Andrew Bentley, Unsitely Memories: Urbanizing the Archive and Archiving the Urban in Postwar Guatemala

Claudia Berrios-Campos, Los desequilibrios del dictador: decadencia y opresión en La fiesta del Chivo de Mario Vargas Llosa

Kristine Byron, Ph.D., discussant

Question and answer with audience

Reshaping Environments Room 302

Chair: Deon Claiborne

Rowenn Kalman, Discourses of Nature and the Politics of Environmental Stewardship in the Andes

Aldo Gonzalez, Empowerment, Institutions for Management of Common Pool Forest and Land-cover Change Assessment with Landsat Time Series in Cherán, Mexico

Cristina Gauthier, Assessment of Potential Well Contamination in Urban Altamira

Timothy Silberg, Utilizing Social Capital to Harness Collective Action: Compost-Entrepreneurship In Guatemala

Steve Roels, Recovery of Bird Diversity and Activity in a Tropical Forest Restoration

Laurie Medina, Ph.D., discussant

Question and answer with audience

Session two (3:30 - 5:00)

Gender Room 305

Chair: Aldo Gonzalez                                                         

Laura Castro-Diaz, Fishing Gender Roles Among the Wayúu Indigenous Group and Its Relation to Vector-borne Diseases

Judit Fuente-Cuesta, Voces siempre subalternas: representaciones de mujeres caribeñas en el cine español, Flores de otro mundo (Icíar Bollaín, 1999) y Princesas (Fernando León de Aranoa, 2005)

Julio César Paredes, Building a Nineteenth-Century Criollo Man’s Power: Hair and Other Masculine Attributes in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay

Laura Romero-Quintana, “The Undertone”: Gossip as a Tool for Constructing and Revisiting Female Writing

Danny Mendez, Ph.D., discussant             

Question and answer with audience

Frontiers Room 302

Chair: Melissa Chavarria

Xavier Jimenez-Cuba, Drawing and Writing Testimony of Hearing from a Decolonial Perspective in Felipe Guamán Poma de Ayala’s Primer nueva corónica

Jose Adrian Badillo-Carlos, Conflicto cultural del sujeto imperial en el siglo XVI

Charles Moulding, From the Indies to America: The Transmutation of the Visual and Textual Perception of the “New World” from 1492 to 1615

Sara Torres, Understanding Brazilian Agribusiness: A comparison Between Producers in Frontier and Established Areas

Nikolay Karkov, Ph.D., discussant

Question and answer with audience          

Final Panel 5:00 - 5:30 Room 305

Discussant Roundtable: Key Themes


RCS GSA Tropos Film Series 6:00 pm

The MSU graduate students in Romance and Classical Studies invite you to join them afterwards for Betty Blue, the final installment of their film series.  Food provided.  Free, Wells Hall B122.


 Conference co-sponsored by MSU's Departments of Community Sustainability; Geography, Environment & Spatial Sciences; and Romance and Classical Studies.