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The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) brings together faculty and students to address urgent challenges that confront the region, from social inequality to food security to climate change. Collaborating with partners from the region, MSU scholars from diverse fields pursue innovative research that makes an impact.


CLACS supports young scholars by funding graduate student research in Latin America and the Caribbean. For students from Latin America and the Caribbean, who are not eligible for most US research funding, CLACS support is critical: it enables them to develop their research skills, complete their degrees, and launch their careers.

Your contribution will allow CLACS to fund research opportunities for a growing number of graduate students, especially from Latin America and the Caribbean.


Two ways to contribute:

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1. To make a gift, select a fund:

 CLACS Endowment: Supports graduate student research and undergraduate study abroad in Latin America & the Caribbean.

John M. Hunter and Milt E. Muelder Endowment: Supports programming on key issues in the region, undergraduate study abroad, and graduate student and faculty research in Latin America and the Caribbean.


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2. Join the MSU Latin American and Caribbean alumni WhatsApp group