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Baby Leatherback Sea Turtles released

I hope to continue to do projects like this and give back throughout my career as an LVT.

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Published: Friday, 19 Apr 2024 Author: Shayna Glase

Shayna working with a cat in MexicoThe Mazunte Project was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to serve many rural communities in Oaxaca, Mexico by helping their beloved pets. By providing spays/neuters, parasite control and treating some wounds and emergent cases, we have improved the quality of life for these animals while also helping to control their population. By controlling the dog and cat populations in these animals, we help to protect the sea turtles that are often preyed upon by these dogs.

Over our eight surgery days, our team of DVM students, nursing students, LVT’s and veterinarians traveled to four different villages and performed 330 sterilization surgeries on dogs and cats. It was incredible to see the growth in our team during our campaign, both individually and as a well-oiled machine. Personally, my technical skills  and my confidence in my knowledge improved greatly. I was able to place about 100 IV catheters and intubate just as many patients, and to spend half of the days at the drug table managing the medications that each animal received.

Aside from the veterinary aspect of this program, we were also able to immerse ourselves in the culture and experience the incredible wildlife. The main highlight of this program was getting to release baby Leatherback Sea turtles at sunset. I named mine Sheldon.

I gained so much confidence from the program and learned so much from all the incredible veterinarians and LVT’s that helped make this program possible. I am so thankful I got to take part in this incredible experience, and I hope to continue to do projects like this and give back throughout my career as an LVT.

Name: Shayna Glase
Status: Senior
Major: Veterinary Nursing
Hometown: Adrian, Michigan
Program: The Mazunte Project in Mexico