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Education Abroad Programs in Latin America and the Caribbean

Courses from education abroad may apply toward completion of the minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

Scholarships are offered by MSU for students enrolled in the minor to go to Latin America and the Caribbean.

If you have further questions, please contact the Office for Education Abroad and check its Via database for most current program offerings.



MSU Education Abroad Programs in Latin America & the Caribbean


  • CEA CAPA Buenos Aires, Argentina - Adv. Argentine Immersion (fall/spring semester)
  • CEA CAPA Buenos Aires, Argentina - Latin American Studies (fall/spring semester)
  • CEA CAPA Buenos Aires, Argentina-Undergrad. Research Abroad (fall/spring semester)
  • Internships in Buenos Aires
  • Antarctica/Argentina – Studies in Systems Science (winter break)


  • Belize, Anthropological Fieldwork and Research of Ancient Maya (summer)
  • Belize, Community Engagement, Society and Culture in Belize (spring break)
  • Belize, Contemporary Issues in Developing Societies (spring break)
  • Belize, Culture, Food and Society in Belize (spring break)
  • Belize, Entrepreneurship, Agriculture and Environmental Studies (winter break)
  • Belize – Internships and Service Learning in Belize


  • Brazil, Politics, Culture and Society in Brazil (summer)
  • Brazil, Business and Culture in Brazil (spring break)


  • Chile, Wines, Mines, and Export Strategies in Chile (spring)

Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica, Broadening Perspectives on Health Care (spring break)
  • Costa Rica, Community Engaged Design (fall/spring semester)
  • Costa Rica, Global Health: Costa Rica - Clinical Immersion (summer)
  • Costa Rica – Ecology and Environmental Studies (spring break)
  • Costa Rica – Ecological Engineering in the Tropics (summer)
  • *Costa Rica – Global Health: Pre-clinical Observation (summer)
  • Costa Rica – Sustainability and Civic Engagement (spring)
  • *Costa Rica/Panama – Executive MBA Global Marketplace (spring break)


  • Cuba, Global Health: Cuba - Clinical Immersion (4th year) (fall)
  • *Cuba – Global Health: Clinical Immersion (2nd year) (winter break)

Dominican Republic

  • Dominican Republic, Global Health in Social Work and the Social Sciences (spring break)
  • *Dominican Republic – Global Health: Clinical Immersion (spring break)
  • *Dominican Republic – Global Health: Pre-Clinical Observation (spring break)


  • Ecuador, Biology in the Galapagos Islands and Amazonia (summer)
  • Ecuador – Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) (fall/spring/summer semester)


  • Guatemala, Grassroots Tools of Sustainable Development (spring break)
  • *Guatemala – Global Health: Clinical Immersion (spring break)


  • Mexico, Exploring Human-Forest Codependence in the Yucatan (spring)
  • Mexico – Spanish for Healthcare Professions (summer)
  • Mexico, International Engagement in Mexico (spring break)
  • Mexico, The Mazunte Project (spring)
  • *Mexico – Community Medicine in the Yucatan (spring)


  • Panama, Global Supply Chains and the Panama Canal (spring break)
  • Panama, American Colonialism and the Creation of Biodiversity (summer)


  • *Peru – Global Health: Clinical Immersion (summer)

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Culture, History and Garifuna Populations in the Caribbean (spring break)

*Denotes programs for graduate students