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Student Funding

CLACS offers scholarships to support undergraduate experiential learning and grants to fund graduate student research in Latin America and the Caribbean.

noelle-brazil.jpgCLACS Undergraduate Scholarships

CLACS offers scholarships each year to support undergraduate research, internships and study abroad in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Applications are due October 10th and February 10th.  In 2018, CLACS provided scholarships funded by the endowment to 2 undergraduates. The application and information about previous recipients are on the undergraduate page.

bentley.jpgCLACS Graduate Student Research Grants

CLACS provides funding to support preliminary or pre-dissertation research for graduate students engaged in research on Latin America or the Caribbean. Applications are due the last day of February. In 2019, CLACS funded 11 graduate students. The application and more about the recently funded projects are on the graduate page.

SaraTorres.jpgOther funding resources

MSU and the government offer different opportunities and programs to support student research and study.