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CLACS Undergraduate Scholarship

The CLACS endowment funds support undergraduates pursuing research, internships or study abroad in Latin America and the Caribbean.  

CLACS Undergraduate Scholarship Flyer (PDF).

How to apply

Complete the application document.  Applications are due on the last day of February of each year. Applicants do not need to be enrolled in the LACS minor or the GLIS major at the time of the application. However, if awarded, they will be expected to enroll in a Latin American & Caribbean Studies program--the LACS undergraduate minor or Global and International Studies–Latin America and Caribbean Studies major (GLIS-LACS). 


2024 Undergraduate Student Projects

Madeline Gooley pyramid.jpegMadeline Gooley, majoring in anthropology, traveled to Belize for the Culture, Food and Society program.







Adilene headshot resize.jpgAdilene Martinez-Carmona, a social relations and policy major, was in Mexico for the Exploring Human-Forest Co-dependence in the Yucatán

2023 Undergraduate Student Projects

Natalie Harmon stairs Brazil.jpegNatalie Harmon, double majoring in Spanish and comparative cultures and politics, participated in the "Politics, Culture and Society in Brazil" education abroad program over the summer. Michelle Sekoni, majoring in comparative cultures and politics and Kimberly (Ting) Westra, majoring in social relations and policy/comparative culture and politics) also received scholarship for the same program in Brazil.










Diana Cisneros weaving.jpgDiana Cisneros, majoring in linguistics studied Maya K'iche culture and language.









Tyler Lindquist ParatyTrail.JPGTyler Lindquist, double majoring in Spanish and Arabic, went to São Paulo for intensive Portuguese language study.



2022 Undergraduate Student Projects

Frank Falzetta

Frank Falzetta Brazil 2022 rotate copy.jpgJunior majoring in International Relations, Frank traveled to Salvador, Bahia as part of the “Politics, Culture and Society in Brazil” education abroad program.

2019 Undergraduate Student Projects

Paula Salazar-Vicente

Senior majoring International Relations, Paula traveled to Belize to collect and analyze data for her advanced research project "Support post child sexual abuse in Belize".

2018 Undergraduate Student Projects

Marissa Weil



Junior majoring in Global & International Studies with minors in Spanish; Anthropology; Health Promotion; and creative writing. In summer 2018, Marissa participated in the MSU study abroad program, Community-Based Research, and Engagement in the Peruvian Andes. Marissa lived with a Peruvian family for seven weeks and engaged in international community development practice through research and service with a non-profit agency. 

Watch this video to learn about Marissa's experience in the Peruvian Andes.


Hager.jpgKathryn Harger

Senior double majoring in Spanish and Arts & Humanities, returned to Quito, Ecuador to pursue advanced coursework at the Universidad San Francisco to enhance her language proficiency as she prepares to become a future Spanish teacher.

2017 Undergraduate Student Projects

borre headshot.jpgElizabeth Borre (2017)

International Relations major in James Madison College.  Betsy will spend the spring semester in Quito, Ecuador.






drezella-sbs.jpgDrewzella Andrade (2017)

Global & International Studies major, studied in Santiago Chile for the summer. She took classes on the students involved in the student movements for democracy and on native cultures of Chile. At the end of her program, she participated in a field study in the Atacama Desert. Living with a host family allowed her to improve Spanish and be immersed in Chilean culture.  

Emma Repp (2017)

emma iguazu sbs.jpg

Comparative Culture and Politics major, studied Spanish and interned for three months in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  After 2 weeks of intensive Spanish school, she began working at Instituto Latinamericano para la Paz y la Ciudadanía where she helped create a network of peace NGOs across Argentina and Latin America.  She attended conferences and ran the Institute's social media accounts.  When not working, she explored Buenos Aires as well as Iguazu Falls and Colonia, Uruguay.  Through living with a host family, she fully immersed herself in porteño culture for an extraordinarily memorable experience.  

temple-sbs.jpgGabrielle Temple (2017)

Double major in Spanish and Pre-Physician Assistant, spent the summer in Oaxaca, Mexico learning Spanish for healthcare professions.  Oaxaca is a Mexican state located in southern Mexico, which is known for being the state with the highest indigenous population - as well as having the third poorest economy. In the mornings, she shadowed Mexican physicians, rotating each week between hospitals and rural clinics. After lunch with her host family, she attended classes which focused on Mexico's healthcare system and drew upon her experiences during our rotations. One aspect of our study was contrasting indigenous traditional beliefs and their modern treatment system. On the weekends they would travel to other cities and towns within the state of Oaxaca. 

2016 Undergraduate Student Projects

katie-sbs.jpgKatherine Edwards (2016)

Comparative Cultures & Politics, will participate in the MSU program to Huamachuco Peru where she will conduct community research and intern. She hopes to help connect Rotary International in Chicago with the club in Peru. 



Della Uekert (2016)

Social Relations & Policy major, interned and took classes in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  She learned about Argentine culture, attended a soccer game, and partook in a demonstration supporting a women's rights group, #NiUn

  Estefania Sanchez (2016)

Social Relations & Policy, spent the summer in Buenos Aires, Argentina at a non-governmental organization focused on children, immigrants, and /or education.


Kathryn Harger (2016)

Spanish and Arts & Humanities major, will spend the 2017 spring semester in Quito, Ecuador.